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Conquering Cursive™ & Powerful Printing™ Apps for iPad
Multi-sensory handwriting apps that make learning to write fun!

Conquering Cursive and Powerful Printing are developmentally sound apps supported by research and years of educational experience. Write-On Handwriting apps fully engage students through multi-sensory instruction of letter and number patterns. The designs are age neutral, provide both instruction and practice modes, and are suitable for all learners.

The Conquering Cursive and Powerful Printing Apps for iPad use simple letter formations and easy to understand terminology to explain the letter patterns. This way, schools using other handwriting workbooks can still use the App for iPad by Write-On Handwriting. Students learn to recognize and write cursive and print letters.

Both Powerful Printing and Conquering Cursive product lines provide teachers instructional tools and students learning options. Take a look at our Powerful Printing demo and Conquering Cursive demo.

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Do your students struggle with handwriting?

Do your students have illegible handwriting?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, this is the handwriting system for you! Because students spend much of their day producing written work, legible handwriting is essential to student achievement. When students write fluently and legibly, scholastic performance is enhanced. Statewide proficiency tests measure written output. Therefore, handwriting skill has a direct effect on state testing results.

Kids love learning to write with Write-On Handwriting!

Our complete print and cursive handwriting programs teach accurate letter formation through the use of innovative and complementary digital and paper workbooks.

School children are expected to produce legible, written work in a timely manner. A proven method of improving written output is the development of basic handwriting skills. When letter formation becomes automatic, writing becomes effortless.

Write-On Handwriting improves student handwriting by helping children learn to write letters fluently and accurately. Write-On Handwriting has developed a revolutionary teaching method that integrates audio and visual cues with interactive computer- and paper-based drills.

Our program:

  • emphasizes correct letter formation
  • uses basic directional terms
  • addresses spatial components
  • captures and maintains student attention
Write on!
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