Write-On Handwriting's Conquering Cursive™ Digital Workbook Software is a student-guided computer program that brings multiple senses to the task of learning to write in cursive. Even reluctant writers learn to write fluently and legibly.

Using a computer mouse - the modern-day equivalent to writing in the air or on the chalkboard - students learn the sequential movements of letter formation. This helps build the motor memory needed to reproduce letters using the finer coordination required by a pencil.

Sound and movement capture student attention as letters are individually presented and reinforced on writing lines through a multi-sensory 4-step process. In step 1, students see and hear the formation instructions as they watch the letter written with a "pencil". In step 2, the letter is again written in one, fluid motion.

The letter-writing pattern is reinforced in step 3 by the sequential overlay of arrows on the letter. The arrow colors coordinate with the letter formation instructions. In step 4, students use a mouse or stylus to write the letter by following the arrows in the proper sequence. Students are then challenged: as they continue to write the letter correctly, the arrows fade.

Students cannot write the letters incorrectly - they are redirected with an "Oops!" message and instructed to "try again" or "choose a button" to review the letter pattern. When students succeed in writing the letter correctly, they are rewarded with applause and may move on to the next letter. Students who struggle with manipulating a mouse will benefit from the multi-sensory instructional approach in steps 1, 2 and 3 and may, after two attempts, move on to the next letter.

This step-by-step strategy for teaching handwriting complements the exercises contained in the companion Conquering Cursive Paper Workbook. Efficient handwriting follows from repeated practice. By using both tools, educators break the tedium frequently associated with handwriting instruction through fresh, engaging and diverse exercises.

Handwriting really can be fun!

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Helpful Tips
1. The mouse can be clicked and released or clicked and held down to write a letter.
2. Slow down. As adults, we know how to write, so we tend to move the mouse too quickly during the interactive Step 4. Students are learning new letter patterns and need to move the mouse slowly so that the letter patterns are retained.
3. Change your mouse speed. For Macs, under System Preferences choose Keyboard and Mouse and move the Tracking Speed to slow. For Windows, under Control Panel choose Printers and Other Hardware/Mouse icon, choose the Mouse icon, choose the Pointer Option tab and change the Motion to slow.
4. Take the cursor arrow to the end or tips of the arrows. For example, when writing the letter "c" go to the end of the purple arrow before retracing left to the writing line.

Click here to see Conquering Cursive™ Teacher Manual pdf.
Click here to see an example of a Conquering Cursive Worksheet.
Please note: Conquering Cursive font must be installed to use the worksheets.

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