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Blackline Masters Available!
For both Conquering Cursive™ & Powerful Printing™ Products.
Step-by-step instruction and activity pages for multiple students, multiple classrooms, and multiple grades. One-time purchase at one great price!

Blackline Master format follows the Conquering Cursive™ Paper Workbook. The Blackline Master is a pdf that will be emailed to you. There is no limit on the number copies that can be made within a single building or office. Blackline Masters are sold for each Conquering Cursive™ Right Hand and Conquering Cursive™ Left Hand.

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Write-On Handwriting's Conquering Cursive Paper Workbook teaches letter formation through easy-to-understand directions. Students construct letters on writing lines that serve as start and stop points. The underlying principle is motor memory. The pattern of each letter is demonstrated to students in the appropriate context - on writing lines. The associated drills provide students with the opportunity to commit these patterns to memory and so acquire the motor skills necessary to write proficiently.

The workbook includes an instructor manual at the beginning - four pages of handwriting tips, lesson plans and useful hand and finger exercises for students. The heart of the workbook consists of 96 step-by-step activity pages that teach cursive. Letters are introduced in groups according to their initial pencil stroke. For example, the "curve" sequence is similar in the letters "o" and "d". By grouping letters of the same basic pattern, the workbook reinforces important spatial and sequential themes, thus facilitating the acquisition of the necessary motor memory.

After each group of newly learned letters, students work through additional drills on review pages. More drills follow at the conclusion of the workbook on final review pages that cover all letters. This thorough approach eliminates the need for teacher-made practice worksheets.

The Conquering Cursive Paper Workbook teaches upper and lower case alphabet letters and the numerals 0-9. The workbook is spiral wired at the top for ease of writing, is available in left-hand or right-hand format, and includes an alphabet strip for reference. It also incorporates other areas of learning by reinforcing spelling patterns and knowledge of synonyms and state capitals. The paper workbook complements the Conquering Cursive Digital Workbook software.

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